Turned Wood Items for Sale articles

From time to time items that I have made are available for sale to interested persons. Turned wood items listed within this category are currently available for sale.

I fell victim to marketing and decided to try some new “glow in the dark” pen blanks. The proved to be, as expected, acrylic, which isn’t always the easiest material to work with, but ultimately it was all a good experience based on good tools, good technique, and good materials. And yes, they do glow in the dark after being exposed to a light source to “charge.”

In a process unlike most of my work, I had a production run of 28 of the same stylus pens. While the process it mostly identical to making just one or two pens, there are some differences of scale if nothing else when working with so many at one time. Plus, I used a few new tricks and tools in the drilling and finishing “departments.”

While a handmade wood pen makes an excellent gift on its own merits, the addition of a relatively simple note that describes the process of making the pen, the wood used to make it, and some simple mechanical information about the pen style can add an entirely new dimension to an already outstanding gift, increasing the sense of personal attention and matching it to your recipient.

Two Euro Style Turned Wood Pens with 24K Gold Symbols of Your Christian Faith

Olive wood from the Holy Land/Jerusalem/Bethlehem provides a unique and wonderful material for making turned wood pens, especially for those of the Christian faith because of the deep significance of the olive tree in Biblical tradition and teachings. Coupled with custom Christian symbols such as a cross or Jonah fish as clips, these pens are sure to be family heirlooms, conversation pieces, proud heralds of your enduring faith, and also make outstanding gifts.