19″ Padauk Platter

I picked up some 19″ Padauk blanks from the great guys over at Got Wood? in South Carolina.  I wanted to test the limits of my Robust American Beauty lathe which has a 12″ swing over bed, meaning I can turn up to 24″ diameter pieces and this was the closest to that maximum I could find.  Add in that Padauk is stunningly beautiful and easy to work with and I was ready to go.

Rough Blank on Faceplate

Side View of Final Cut Bottom

Final Cut Bottom

Sanded Bottom

Sanded Bottom Side View

Chucked for Cutting the Face

Side View Chucked for Cutting the Face

Cut and Sanded Interior

Reversed on Easy Wood Tools Chuck and Big Easy Jaws

The Aftermath in the Shop

Padauk Dusting

Finished Front

Finished Reverse

This was a great project and I have two more blanks like this one to further experiment with.  All cuts were made using the Easy Wood Tool system.  Forward chucking was in a Nova Chuck. Sanding was with Gold and Green Wave sanding discs from Packard Woodworks.  Final finish is Shellawax.

Update November 21, 2019

I turned another of the 19″ platter blanks today.  All production materials and processes were the same.  Now I have 2 19″ platters and 1 16″ platter and one more 19″ to go.

Finished and Unfinished

Padauk Platter #2 Front

Padauk Platter #2 Reverse

Update November 24, 2019

I finished out the last of the 19″ Padauk platters today.  I did the reverse yesterday and finished the interior and foot today.  All materials, tools, and processes were the same as previous.

Platter Number 3 Interior

Platter Number 3 Reverse

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