Green and Rough Turned Persimmon Bowls

Most every year I make a set of at least 8 bowls that my older sister will then give as Christmas gifts to her Board members and senior administrative staff.  For 2016 these bowls were made of Cherry, but for 2017 it is a toss up between Eastern Red Cedar and Persimmon.

I posted last week about the rough green turned Cedar bowls, but I’ve also recently completed 12 green and rough turned Persimmon bowl blanks as well.

Rough Turned Persimmon to the Right, Cedar to the Left, Log is Pink Ivory

I have an additional 8 Persimmon bowl blanks yet to turn, at least 3 of them dry, but I wanted to get this photo up now showing my progress to date.

Because Persimmon is such a hard wood, it is MUCH easier to turn it while green and wet than once it is dry and seasoned, and, Persimmon will crack, or check, quite readily if cut while still green if left unsealed.  All of these blanks have been sealed with Anchor Seal, and fingers crossed, not a crack among them.

Full details about Persimmon wood can be found here.

Persimmon wood is quite difficult to find and I bought out the entire stock of my supplier, NCWood, before the business was sold to a new owner who hasn’t, as of April 2017, managed to get the website back up and running.

HUGE pile of Persimmon wood shavings

Once I have these rough turned blanks final turned and finished, I will post the results here.  Wish me luck.