Another Small Bird’s Eye Maple Dish

I’ve been on a run lately with the bird’s eye maple and one more coming.  All things Maple were covered previously.

These are small dishes.  This one is 5.75 inches across.

Bird's Eye Maple Dish Front

Bird’s Eye Maple Dish Front


It was a relatively easy project.

I used Easy Wood tools including the new cutter head, the Negative Rake Carbide Cutter specially designed for hardwoods and composite materials.  It seemed, to me, that it cut slower but it cut clean as well.  Clean is better than fast and I was pleased with the work it did.  I will likely order more to keep on hand for when they dull.

I finished it with my standard ShellaWax.  As their slogan goes, the gimmick is that it works.

Birds Eye Maple Dish Reverse

Birds Eye Maple Dish Reverse


All told I think I invested between 2 and 3 hours so not a bad result for the time put in.

Whatever you make today be sure to have a good turn!