Welcome to Wood Turning Pens!

I am truly happy that you have stopped by to take a look around.

My primary goal is for this site to serve as a textual and photographic record of my journey through the world of turning wood into pens, bowls, pencils, and other utilitarian but also hopefully aesthetically pleasing objects. Most of us write something every day, so why not use a piece of what might even be considered art to accomplish that daily task?

Over time, I will be sharing my experiences with different forms, different materials, different processes, and different finishes. If you have ever wondered how a piece of wood becomes a bottle stopper, for instance, I will show you and tell you through photographs of the actual process as performed in my northwest Georgia workshop accompanied by text that describes what I have done, why, and how.

I go into even more details in : Why Wood Turning Pens


Most of all, enjoy the discovery and follow my journey wood turning pens and more.