Four Canarywood Platters

Having made four more Canarywood platters in 13″ x 2″ sizes I can confirm without doubt that Canarywood is one of all time favorite woods to turn.  I decided to do these four platters based on the awesome experience I had with the original two blanks that I purchased.

Platter 1 Interior

I had the same great experience with these platters and several of them had a great deal of red color as an added bonus.  Platter number one is the smallest because I discovered the hard way that Canarywood doesn’t hold a very thin edge very well.

Platter 1 Reverse

On many of my platters I cut the edges razor thin, and sharp as I have the cuts to prove, and this works really well with a wood like Maple but not always so well with other woods.

Platter 2 Interior

When Canarywood gets really thin it also gets really brittle which leads to pieces breaking off which leads me to have to reduce the overall diameter to compensate.  Happily the other three platters are larger in diameter once I learned this lesson.

Platter 2 Reverse

I can’t recommend Canarywood enough.  It turns so easily, cuts cleanly, requires next to no sanding, and it takes a finish easily.  Plus it is always a vibrant yellow with varying degrees of red included.  I can’t think of what’s not to like.

Platter 3 Interior

Platter 3 Reverse

Platter 4 Interior

Platter 4 Reverse