Honey Locust Bowl

I have written about Honey Locust as a wood working material elsewhere so this post will focus solely on this specific bowl.

Having first worked with Honey Locust in 2016, and having been pleased with it, I purchased some additional stock, allowed it to dry for three years, and have just turned it today.

Honey Locust Front

The bowl is relatively small at 7.25 inches in diameter and 1.50 in depth.  The wood was dense and hard which allowed for very clean cuts with little need for heavy clean up sanding.  There are some interesting mineral stains in the wood which show as black streaks.  I don’t know what caused them but I have seen them in other woods as well.

The bowl was easy to turn and the wood has a delightfully spicy and sweet smell when freshly cut.

Honey Locust Reverse

The bowl was turned on my American Beauty lathe from Robust Lathes of Wisconsin.  Cuts were made with Easy Wood Tools.  Sanding was done with sanding discs from Packard Woodworks.  The final finish is ShellaWax from Australia.  These are my favorite and go-to tools and supplies for most all of my wood turning projects.  All are highly recommended.