Padauk Project

As readers will know, I have been processing a great deal of Padauk recently.  It started when I bought and turned 4 19″ platter blanks for Christmas gifts, then continued with a custom ordered 15″ platter, followed by 6 more 14″ platters.

One of the obvious things about working with Padauk is that it makes an awful mess.  There probably are not more shavings and dust than with other species but this dust is very orange and it functions as a water soluble dye that stains clothing and is very visible wherever it comes to rest in the shop and beyond.  Given the degree of the mess, I decided to pull and turn every bit of Padauk I had in stock and resolved to not buy more even though it is a joy to turn.  As it is, I have enough wood stocks to last for years and the last thing I need is more so while saying good-bye to Padauk will be hard, in the end, it is the right move.

The Aftermath in the Shop

I am very fortunate in not having to clean my own shop and since the cleaning is scheduled for tomorrow, today is the last day to contribute to the Padauk mess.  Yesterday I discovered two more Padauk blanks but I have succeeded in turning all of them.

This last batch of smaller Padauk items includes 8 bowls and dishes, not counting the piece with sapwood or the Burma Padauk pieces that I covered separately.  Enjoy these last 8 Padauk items as a final hurrah for a great turning wood.

Eight Padauk Pieces

Next up for the shop includes:

  • Finishing a batch of 10 green turned cherry ready for final shaping
  • 7 new Persimmon blanks to be green turned and sealed
  • 3 Bubinga platters
  • 5 Ambrosia Maple platters
  • The last 12 pieces of Bubinga that I have in stock

After that it is back to the stacks, most likely focusing on domestic woods for a while.  Stay tuned!