Persimmon Bowl

I was very excited to discover that I had remaining stock of Persimmon!  I LOVE Persimmon wood and this piece had outstanding spalt and some heartwood inclusions that really make it special.  Persimmon is devilishly hard to come by since most people with Persimmon trees want the fruit more than they want the wood.  I’ve worked a fair bit with Persimmon and it remains one of my favorite woods and I very happy that I had one more chance to work with it.

Persimmon 9 x 2.5

If you are wondering where the second bowl of the day happens to be, you will find it in the recycle bin to go to green waste.  It was a piece of Ambrosia Maple that was bit too ambrosial for the purpose of turning.  The insect damaged areas were heavily rotted and parts of the blank were falling out.  Sadly, sometimes you can’t save every piece of turning wood you happen to have.