Small Red Oak Bowls

I recently made some relatively small bowls from some left over Red Oak that was used for making a beautiful Murphy Bed and library table, the same table used in the photographs.  In some sense, this otherwise waste wood was recycled into something useful and at least somewhat attractive.

First Bowl:

This bowl measures 5.5″ x 1.75″.

White Oak Bowl Interior Slanted View

Red Oak Bowl Interior Slanted View

Red Oak Bowl Reverse

Red Oak Bowl Reverse

This first bowl was easy to make and it took about an hour to complete.  I don’t find Red Oak to be the best turning wood in the world since it is fairly brittle, very rough and open pore grain and it has essentially no natural luster.  It is a great wood for a great many things, but I don’t think that turning is one of them.  Nonetheless, I am satisfied with the finished product and look forward to making more with the remaining left over Red Oak material.

White Oak Bowl Interior

Red Oak Bowl Interior

The Red Oak bowl was turned using Easy Wood Tools on a Robust American Beauty lathe.  All sanding was completed using Green Wave sanding discs from Packard Woodworks.  The blank was held in a 35mm Nova Chuck and reversed using a Nova Cole Jaws set.  The final finish is ShellaWax.

Second Bowl:

This second Red Oak bowl is very much the same as the first.  It measures the same and it was made with all of the same tools, supplies, and finish.

White Oak 2 Interior Slanted

Red Oak 2 Interior Slanted

White Oak Number 2 Interior

Red Oak Number 2 Interior

White Oak Number 2 Reverse

Red Oak Number 2 Reverse

Third Bowl:

All production and finishing means remain the same.  What distinguishes this bowl is a small imperfection present in the blank that I chose to leave behind to remind me of its imperfection.

White Oak Number 3 Interior

Red Oak Number 3 Interior

Third White Oak Bowl Reverse

Third Red Oak Bowl Reverse

Third White Oak Bowl Interior Slanted

Third Red Oak Bowl Interior Slanted