Why Wood Turning Pens ?

Welcome to Wood Turning Pens!

I am truly happy that you have stopped by to take a look around.

The primary function of this site, over time, is to serve as a textual and photographic record of my journey through the world of turning wood into pens, bowls, pencils, and other utilitarian but also hopefully aesthetically pleasing objects.  Most of us write something every day, so why not use a piece of what might even be considered art to accomplish that daily task?

Over time, I will be sharing my experiences with different forms, different materials, different processes, and different finishes.  If you have ever wondered how a piece of wood becomes a bottle stopper, for instance, I will show you and tell you through photographs of the actual process as performed in my northwest Georgia workshop accompanied by text that describes what I have done, why, and how.

Walnut Crotchwood Bottle Stopper

Wood Turning – A source of enjoyment and satisfaction

I am not what some term a “production” wood turner.  This simply means, to me, that I do not derive my living wage from this activity.  More likely, I spend a good deal of my wage to support my habit by purchasing tools and materials.  Instead, I do this sort of work because I enjoy it.  Completing a pen or bowl that looks and feels good makes me feel good, it creates a sense of happiness inside my being.  And, I hope, some of that happiness and satisfaction transfers to whoever uses or owns one of the items I have made.

Small Cherry Dish

Turned Items for sentiment, not profit

If you are friend or family member, you probably have something I have made, or you soon will.  Some of the items I make are incredibly sentimental to me, usually because of the source or identity of the material.  Many other items I make because it was fun and because I enjoyed the activity.  I wouldn’t be opposed to parting with those items and over time I will actively populate this site with items that you can choose to purchase if you like what you see.  My pricing principles would probably make a true business person insane, but what I propose to charge is simply what I have in the piece (materials, hardware if any, finishes, some measure of time and effort, and shipping to get it to you), and as a consequence of that, you may well find that owning a unique and one of a kind pen, bowl, bottle stopper, or other item becomes more affordable than current prices in the market would have led you to believe.

Ultra Cigar Pen in Manzanita Wood

Custom Wood Turning Requests Accepted

And, if there is something you really want made from a specific material that I have, or that I can obtain, please feel free to ask!  I am not at all opposed to requests for custom items made as gifts for someone else or for you.  Contact me to discover the possibilities inherent with a custom made item or items.

Abalone and Circuitboard Pens

If nothing else, enjoy the photographs and enjoy the stories of my journey through this world of marvel  and creativity.  I am having the time of my life and I hope you will find wonder and pleasure in sharing it with me.