Shallow Persimmon Bowl

I had a nice 10″ x 2″ Persimmon bowl blank and yesterday I cut it round on the bandsaw and discovered while turning it that it was dry enough to finish the entire process.  This was a nice sense of completion and accomplishment in the midst of a marathon of green rough turning of both Persimmon and Eastern Red Cedar.

There was one small area of still damp wood in the center of the blank, but as the area was small, and the rest of the blank was safely dried, I went ahead and finish turned the piece.

Shallow Persimmon Dish to Scale – Front


Shallow Persimmon Dish

Shallow Persimmon Dish to Scale – Reverse

Because I knew that there was possibly still  some residual moisture in the blank, I was extra careful to completely seal the finished piece with ShellaWax which at least one exotic wood supplier has discovered will safely and completely seal even very wet wood that is turned to finished size and surface texture, so I am confident that this piece will not warp or check over time.

It was nice to take a piece to completion in the midst of such a large amount of green and rough turning.