Large Ambrosia Maple Bowl

In a previous post, I detailed everything I wanted to about Maple, so I won’t repeat it here.

I specifically pulled this fairly large Ambrosia Maple bowl blank because I wanted to turn it into a bowl for a fellow woodworker as a gift.

Large Ambrosia Maple 3


I truly believed the blank to be completely dry and I noted zero moisture after I cut it on the bandsaw, but once I got into the heart of the piece I discovered that it wasn’t completely dry and that it had an unknown and imperceptible void in what would the bottom.


Large Ambrosia Maple 1

The slight remaining moisture made the piece almost impossible to sand effectively plus it meant that the final piece was very slightly out of round.

Large Ambrosia Maple 2

The void, which I find interesting but which I realize others might find distressing, sealed the bowls fate to not be given as the specific gift I intended it to be but instead one that will go in the stacks of other completed bowls that will someday make great gifts for, perhaps, less discerning and informed recipients.