Yellowheart Bowl

I simply love Yellowheart!  This wood turns beautifully, takes a very nice fine cut that requires very little sanding effort, and the color is outstanding.  I always think that on first seeing Yellowheart you couldn’t blame a person for thinking it was dyed wood, but nope, that is the natural color only slightly darkened by the finish.

The Yellowheart looks like crushed satin in its figure and texture.  The finished bowl is so smooth, so delicate seeming, and so colorful that it can’t be real.  I am over the moon about Yellowheart and I only wish I had more in my stocks but I do not think that I do.  Anytime I can source Yellowheart in a decent size there is a very good chance that I will buy it.  If you haven’t tried Yellowheart before then so yourself a favor and get some.  I would bet you will love it as much as I do!

All cuts were made using the Easy Wood Tool system on my Robust American Beauty lathe.  Forward chucking was in a Nova Chuck, while reverse chucking was done using a Nova Chuck with Cole Jaws.  Sanding was with Gold and Green Wave sanding discs and Abranet from Packard Woodworks.  Final finish is Shellawax.

As always, I wish all my readers a great experience in whatever your wood working interests happen to be and to those who like working with lathes especially, do a good turn today!