Stack of Rough Turned Persimmon Bowls

In a previous post I featured the stack of rough turned Eastern Red Cedar bowls that have sealed and which are drying in preparation for final turning and finishing in time for giving as Christmas gifts.

However, I like to hedge my bets, so just in case the Cedar doesn’t all work out, or in case the person for whom I make these bowls prefers something different, I have also rough turned and sealed a large batch of very green Persimmon blanks.  Persimmon is frankly hard to find and it is an amazing turning wood, closely related to Ebony and sometimes called “White Ebony.”  Sometimes, if the tree is old enough and you have the true heartwood, the wood will be very black, which presents a great contrast to the otherwise very pale sapwood, which constitutes the vast majority of the tree.

All of these pieces are sealed with Anchor Seal and I expect to finish turn them during the autumn months in time for Christmas giving.

Cedar and Persimmon Stacks

The stack of Persimmon bowls looks smaller than the Cedar stack right next to it because the Cedar is stacked on top of an actual log of Pink Ivory!  That’s something you just don’t see everyday, so stay tuned for when I make natural edged bowls from Pink Ivory!